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1 Anterior Placenta Size : 1kb
2 Floating Head Size : 1kb
3 Instrument Delivery Size : 1kb
4 Internal iliac Ligation Size : 1kb
5 modified Blynch Size : 1kb
7 OV LIGATION Size : 1kb
8 PATWARDHAN's Method Size : 1kb
9 TWIN Delivery Size : 1kb
10 UT LIGATION Size : 1kb

Super Spaciality Care

Amogs Supports Resident Doctors:


Amogs Supports the call for closure of OPD & elective services till further notice in support of suspension of residents & attack on Doctors. Emergency services to continue. We support the demands for security made by the residents doctors.


President, AMOGS


Dr. Kedar Ganla, Secretary, AMOGS